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Misery - The World's Most Popular Metallica Tribute Act. Misery - The World's Most Popular Metallica Tribute Act.

Paying tribute to METALLICA has been and still continues to be a passion for me. It is truly a labor of love. Millions of km's and thousands of shows stand testament to my dedication and tenacity. Since 1991 it has been my goal to bring the message to every place possible and I do not wish to stop anytime soon…. However, having said that I feel I must also express my opinion on the state of the 'art' of tributing. It seems to me to be cyclical, every ten years or so to the best of my calculations. I attribute this to the people and their collective reaction to quality. Every generation of musicians spawns tribute artists, these are of varying skill levels. Some are gifted musicians who could not 'make it' others are hacks that shouldn't grace a stage if they paid to do so. Time weeds out the crap leaving only the cream of the crop. This nurtures an environment for the good tribute bands to thrive and prosper. Then the newbies see successful acts and figure that they can do it as well, jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. Unfortunately this brings on an onslaught of imitators many of which are weak at best. This taints the market. Wasting their time and money on an inferior act jades people. This stabs the collective soul of the tribute industry in the heart. Club owners and agents should be more choosy about the acts they book, they're f****g themselves and everyone else. By hiring a band based on cost, you get what you pay for, or representing a band solely to get a commission. Inevitably everyone will suffer. Once again, time weeds out the crap, clubs, agents and bands alike. Only the best acts can stand the test and tough it out. Struggling to keep it alive and make ends meet, in pursuit of their passions. I have seen many rise and fall, clubs, agents and bands alike. I'm certain I will see more…

A thought for the ignorant ...

It has come to light that there is a climate of hate building between some of the Metallica tribute brethren. The NEW onslaught of METALLICA imitators is behaving like children. Grow up. Whether or not some drunk told you that you are better than Metallica themselves don't let it go to your head. If I had earned a dollar for every time I heard that I'd be fukn' filthy rich. Be thankful that you have gigs and that you are privileged enough to take it to a stage. Long story short you are not Metallica, never will be, so lighten up and have fun. So I say, CRANK IT UP !!

The beauty of more then one act playing the material is that each ones performance of such is their own. Good or bad no one can take that from you.

  Classical musicians rank amoung the most respected of the musician guild. Many of whom devote their entire professional lives to playing music penned by others. Would you slight one for playing Mozart or Bach and not playing their own compositions? ... I think not.


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